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20 May 2016

18 May 2016


Montana Cans introduces the latest addition to the Montana Cans ICONIC Series. This time the iconic spotlight is on legendary American photographer, Martha Cooper. Famous for her authentic and compassionate documentation of the New York Hip-Hop and graffiti culture during the late 70’s and 80’s, Martha Cooper gained world recognition in 1984 for her collaboration with fellow photographer Henry Chelfant, on the classic graffiti art book “Subway Art”. The book would become one of the most referenced of its genre worldwide and become a major influence to graffiti artist all over the globe, even to this day. 

The Montana Cans ICONIC Series focuses on one of her better known images from the 80’s of two policeman standing in a fully tagged New York subway car. The image has been turned into a triptych and split over three cans as a homage to this amazing photographer and her on going contribution to our culture. This special limited edition will be available as a set of 3 Cans and launched officially at the 20th of May at the “SNAP WRAP” exhibition by Martha Cooper and Urban Nation in Berlin.

In 1981, Martha was riding on the New York subway with her camera, not a recommended move considering the high crime rate at the time. The low ISO of her Kodachrome 64 film made it difficult to take pictures while the car was underground. But when the subway hit daylight in the Bronx, the image of the cops framed by graffiti tags was irresistible. Was she going to risk asking the officers for permission to photograph them? Since taking pictures on the subway was illegal at the time, she decided just to go for it.  “Luckily they didn’t say anything and I got the shot. Mission accomplished.“ she says today. UTAH & ETHER... UTAH & ETHER...: I've been to a lot of European destinations over the last few years and these two have "been there and done that" .......hats...

10 May 2016

Chrome & Black Limited Edition NY Fat Cap Nozzle Tee!

Our latest T-Shirt drop is now here! This limited edition piece has a purple NYC Fat Cap and Chrome & Black logo detail, on a heavy weight white cotton tee with a custom woven label on the bottom hem. Extremely limited run of just 25 tees! Act fast to cop a new summer look. Go here to buy. 

28 April 2016


On Thursday 9th June we have none other than PART ONE in store for a special signing of his book Part One: The Death Squad. Pre order your copy here and join us from 6pm to get your copy signed!

PART ONE (Enrique Torres) has the reputation of being one of the early graffiti style writing pioneers that created some of the most brilliant art works on New York City’s subway trains. He is a veteran of the golden years of New York City subway painting and considered a style master in the graffiti world specializing in his own brand of lettering which he started to develop in 1974. From 1974 – 1985 he was one of the most accomplished artists on the New York City subway trains, in 1985 he took a brief hiatus from painting only to return in 1990 as a leading figure in the re-emergence of wild style pieces in murals in Harlem. His art has been featured in the classic film Style Wars as well as the critically acclaimed book, Martha Cooper’s Hip Hop Files, and most recently the books, Burning New York, New York City Black Book Masters and Graffiti Planet. His biography, Part One - The Death Squad chronicles his art spanning more than 30 years. PART is active today painting both on canvas and on walls around the world. He was most recently a featured artist at Born in The Streets at the Fondation Cartier in Paris.

8 April 2016

COMPETITION ALERT: Win these Air Max Trainers

This months competition involves something a bit different than usual. We customised a pair or Air max trainers and are giving them away to one lucky winner along with a Chrome & Black bag and tee shirt. Head over to our Facebook or Instagram to enter.


21 March 2016

Dunkirque Refugee Camp, France X DripsAndRuns

Last week, the DripsAndRuns team were asked by Steve Bedlam if they could go out to the refugee camp in Dunkirque France and brighten up their new community kitchens. So Seeds One alongside Pang, Fanakapan and Irony went out there to add a few licks of paint to the camps kitchens (and some kids bikes) built by the guys at Refugee Community Kitchen. Watch the video below to see the work these guys did.

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