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26 March 2010


23 March 2010

Fresh Paint NYC

New NYC Graff book out April 2010, NYC subway trains, walls and trucks by all of the big names in the game....looks heavy!

18 March 2010

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Very High pigment content needs to be shaken well before use! Full colour range available so get it while it lasts!

11 March 2010

Urgent Newsflash!!!!!

Exclusive to Chrome and Black....KEEP THE FAITH!!!! Fresh out for 2010! The long awaited new UK graff-mag is now in stock....They're flying out so come get your copy now!
Featuring plenty of tubes, (Ozone exclusive), old school Coma interview, hundreds of BR's, and international panels and NO WALLS....Cop it but it's hot so don't drop it!....sukkazz

New Fiebings Leather dye in stock!

If you thought you knew about staining ink then think again....This is the original old school bombers choice...hard to rack...even harder to we got the best colours: Purple, Orange, Turqouise, Mahogany, Light Blue....colours you cant get out in the cold world...come into the warmth!!!! £6.00

10 March 2010

How we were

This is what the shop would look like if we did'nt have the stock behind bars!

9 March 2010

Mean PFB!

Mean dropped by...blessings from old-skool grand master in letter forms of the forbidden lexicon...beware, the train wizard approaches!!!!

7 March 2010

Universal police brutality

Apotolos Glezos, 90 years old sprayed in the face by the Police during the (5/3/2010) mass demosntration against the greek government plan.
This old man is a Greek left wing politician and writer, worldwide known especially for his participation in the World War II resistance.

He climbed on the Acropolis with another resistance fighter and tore down the Swastika, which had been there since April 27, 1941, when the Nazi forces had entered Athens.

That was the first resistance act that took place in Greece, and probably among the very first ones in Europe.

4 March 2010

vision films will soon be releasing there film
check it out at .....