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31 October 2016

Chrome & Black London Presents 30 Years Of Trellick Towers Graffiti Jam VIDEO


September 2016 marked the 30 year anniversary of people painting graffiti art at West London's most loved hall of fame, Trellick Towers. We thought it was only right to hold a paint jam in celebration of this! Click above to watch the video highlights of the day.

18 October 2016

Maharishi x PART ONE: Graffiti Legend Series

Maharishi x PART ONE: Graffiti Legend Series

London-based design house maharishi is releasing a collaboration with New York graffiti artist Part One, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Harlem crew ‘TDS’ (The Death Squad) – one of the most significant and influential groups in graffiti culture. 

Beginning to paint subway trains in the early 1970’s, Part One is considered a veteran style master and pioneer in the graffiti world. Since joining TDS in 1976 he has helped form the golden years of subway painting.

The T-Shirt is limited to only 50 globally and follows a series of related maharishi collaborations and exhibitions over the last 20 years – including photographer Henry Chalfant and artists Futura 2000, Sharp, JayOne, and Neckface. Interested buyers will need to enter a draw at, which closes at noon BST on October 21.

14 October 2016


If you haven't heard of 'Trackside Burners' radio show, you're missing out. It's our favourite thing to listen to in the shop and probably the perfect soundtrack for the environment; the show takes you on a musical journey of hip hop past and present.

Their latest show focuses on the infamous book Subway Art and is a tribute for all writers worldwide and paying homage to Henry Chalfont and Martha Cooper, the two that made a book which changed lives. It is a must listen to so check out that show here!

DJ Philly's aim is to bring back the pause mix-tape era and beats to make your necks snap. He presents Trackside Burners, a hip hop soundscape for all writers & b-boys/girls on the legendary Itch FM & his aim is to promote the movement and the art form of our hip hop nation. 
210 Presents became a member of his brand new family in 2014. He is part of the Itch FM crew, doing his 'Dusty Crates' Specials along side DJ Philly on Trackside Burners.
For the show archive, check out their Mixcloud here. For their Facebook check them here and Instagram here