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30 December 2014

Tune of the Day

M9: Colors (Produced by Loopholes)

London Underground CCTV

This website has compiled a list of the most surveillance heavy spots on the London Underground: click here for more information about the 15,000 odd cameras on the system

12 December 2014

Fare Evasion

A few years back following on from their own report, the bods at MTA decided to quintuple the fare evasion fine in NYC from $100 to $500. London Underground typically smash this out of the water with a maximum penalty of £1000 although given current fare rates and rises it would be interesting to know if bunking the tube might work out cheaper in the long run....

I'd buy that for a dollar!

Back when Hip Hop was taking off in New York City, Norman Mailer wrote this article for Esquire magazine: The Faith of Graffiti

Christmas Times and Sale Info

10 December 2014