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30 March 2009

How we doing!

27 March 2009

Check Our 60's Orange Chairs!

25 March 2009

How we are doing!!

Were getting there. The Gallery is finished, just need to hang and sort a couple bits and pieces, the shop has a bit of a way to go but its nearly done, and we shall be open, PROMISE! on Thursday 2nd April.. Get Ready.. 

16 March 2009

We are building!

The builders in and the tools are out... We shall keep you updated.. 

11 March 2009

Yo!...We are starting to build the last!...we will be open within 2-3 weeks....(max)...we promise! stay tuned for updates and fliks. Hold tight London!...BRRRAAAP!

3 March 2009

There's been kids in tears cause we aint open yet!...Apparently some kid went with his dad to the estate agents and was asking when the shop was opening....ahhh bless....were aiming for mid March but fuck knows whats gonna hold us up next...

1 March 2009

revolution in artist materials

This is the future of affordable paint/ink/airbrush/muti use....stuff. We will be stocking this new product from Molotow and have had alot of interest in it already. Its multi use will make alot of stuff more can even have acetone mixed to it to make it oil based and so usable with Molotow spray paint!