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29 November 2010

NYC mops in stock, fresh from across the pond...

The NYC mop is a valveless fat mop with a nib that is almost square, check it next to a 30mm. Only for people with experience in using big weapons! Tip it the wrong way and your gonna know about it!....ask for filling and use advice when purchasing this specialist product.

28 November 2010

one of my latest paintings has found a new home.

23 November 2010

COSA DDS dvd in stock now!!!

Check out Cosa bombing on Writers Block then check out his Graff DVD available at yours truly - Chrome & Black! Perfect for that grimey christmas present.

19 November 2010

6 November 2010

New Montana Gold has landed @ C&B. We are officially Fully stocked!

The New Montana Gold has landed!! A completely new formula with excellent results! For all the low-pressure artists out there we now have what you have been asking for. As usual we pride ourselves on supplying quality products with lowest prices possible - £3.80!

4 November 2010

Duster UA show comming up...

Should be a good event...not to be missed!

Steel Canvas - London Underground Train photos - Late 80's - 95 NOW IN STORE!!!limited supply only

Train pieces from London's Underground system from a period during which little was documented or at least little has been revealed by those who were there at the time....pure gold!

Will be available from around the 11th at yours truly, C&B!

Check this NYC graff film out!

gk1 from graffitikings on Vimeo.