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24 September 2015

LOTM7- Lord Of The Mics- 10 Year Anniversary at 02 Academy Islington

Last night we went down to the 02 Academy Islington to witness how 10 years of pioneering the Grime scene from Jammer and those involved deeply in the genre has had an astounding impact on the scene. The turn out was proof of this, with people who had travelled from far and wide to witness the battle. There were some heated rounds, particularly between Kozzie and Jae Kae and Lady Lykez and Sox!

Check out some images below or go here for the full album. Make sure you grab a copy of of LOTM7 here.

22 September 2015

New Underground Trains

21 September 2015

Vatican Virtually Validates Vandalism

Freedom is a funny old thing - as the media representation of "graffiti"partly illustrates. Generally either denigrated, maligned, ignored or shunned, there are instances when "graffiti" enters the mainstream media as an example of reinforcing, supporting or embedding certain agendas – a communication paradox in some ways – in this instance a way of running a story on the current Pope from the press outlet that also bring us the Daily Mail, the Metro and the Evening Standard (click here for a link to The Independent article). Having now contributed to some of the hype in which the stock value of this poster has presumably increased, the Papacy should probably next order some perspex.

4 September 2015

Battle of Waterloo 2015 - Official Video

Official Battle of Waterloo Video from Chrome & Black - thanks to everyone who helped make the day what it was!! Respect

And Another Slightly Older Documentary.....

Still on the documentary theme, this BBC2 production got aired just after the millennium:

A Brief History of Graffiti (BBC Documentary)

 Although the presenter's style in this recent BBC4 production drew some criticism, this hour long documentary is still arguably worth watching. Click on the link below to take you to the iPlayer site:

 Click here to watch the documentary