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29 October 2015

Brixton Mural of those killed in Police Custody

An unknown graffiti writer has just finished a mural on Atlantic road, Brixton, depicting local people who have tragically died at the 'hands' of the police...
The mural was apparently painted both in remembrance of these brothers and sister, and as a reminder of ongoing campaigns for justice, relating to deaths in all forms of institutional custody.
Who is in the mural?

Cherry Groce (1948 – 2011) shot and paralysed by the police in Brixton 1985, who consequently died as a result of her injuries. Cherry is portrayed side by side with Ricky Bishop (1976 - 2001) and Sean Rigg (1968 – 2008), two young men who died on separate occasions whilst in police custody in Brixton Police Station.

In relation to ongoing struggles for justice, the United Families & Friends Campaign’s annual vigil is at Downing Street this Saturday 31st October, supporters are welcome. Please show your support!
Meeting in Trafalgar square at 11.30am.

19 October 2015

Kurupt FM- Champagne Steam Rooms @ Fabric London's 16th Birthday

Friday night saw Fabric turn 16 years old and also saw Kurupt FM tear down Room 1 with an explosive set that also brought legendary Craig David back, performing a remix of his hit single 'Fill me in' 16 years after he shot the video at Fabric. Nice touch eh? Another Craig also made an appearance... if you have been watching the amazing TV series you will know who we mean...

The place was the most packed we have ever seen it and the crowd were hyped from start to finish. You could tell people were anxiously waiting for the crews most notable number 'Get Out The Way' and they sang along word for word. It was definitely a night to remember and will go down in history! Until the next Champagne Steam Rooms.... Check out the full photo set here

16 October 2015

FOUND: HORROR SERIES- Born & Bred Halloween

On Friday 30th October, The Horror Series descends on this colossal, concrete-clad beast of a club as Found presents Born & Bred Halloween 2015! With names such as Joker, Hatcha, Klashnekoff and Oxide & Neutrino footing the bill, this is one night not to be missed. 

Building Six occupies 3,000 square metres of raw, industrial space within The 02, split over three floors of advanced sound technology and the main room’s hallowed Body Kinetic dancefloor that reacts to bass frequencies, physically pumping music through the body for one of London’s most unique and sensory clubbing experiences. High above, a suspended Sky Bridge crosses the dancefloor offering unparalleled views of the main stage, whilst the outdoor terrace is equipped with a bar, smoking area and stunning views of the London skyline.


make sure you grab a ticket whist you can as they won't be around for long. For more info check out

13 October 2015

9 October 2015

SUPRA Presents PWBC: A Retrospective Exhibition

To celebrate the launch of Lucien Clarke’s new Quattro Signature Colourway, SUPRA presents “PWBC: A Retrospective”; an exhibition of photos of the London skate crew that Lucien’s been running with for the last ten years. 
We went down to check it out last night and is definitely worth a look. This will run over the 9th and 10th of October at the 71A Gallery, Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4QS.

8 October 2015

Mark Bode show in Paris!

Nobulo and Taxie Gallery present a new project called ADDA, a pop up gallery with different artist from around the world.  24 October, the first show will be an exhibition with Mark Bode presented at:

103 rue Saint-Maur
Opening 24 October 2015

It is with great excitement to present the first Bode Gallery show of its kind in Paris France. Vaughn Bode visited Paris in the mid 70s before his death in July of 1975 and loved the city and its people and met and became friends with many of the great cartoonists of the time such as Tardi, Moebius, and Drulliet.

Vaughns’ style of bubble lettering and characters became New York City's very first inspiration to the earliest graffiti writers on the subway cars that ran in the 70s and 80s in NYC. The Bode style has since influenced countless artists in Hip Hop and Graffiti culture around the globe and is touted as the very foundation of the spray can art movement.  Mark Bode is the heir to this legacy his father trained him as a young boy to think of the Bode characters as real and the worlds as a place to share and visit. Mark has faithfully carried on the family style and finished many of the projects Vaughn never got to finish in his short time with us. Mark continues to build on the Bode legacy and art in his own right as well as continue to build onto the families legacy in comics and art.

 "Le Monde Erotique de Mark Bode et Vaughn Comics pour Graffitis" the focus is on the voluptuous and sexual Bode Broads and the characters made famous by the Bodes and the street artists they inspire. Many of Vaughns’ classic original drawings will be on display as well as his personal sculptures and memorabilia. Mark has done 30 new paintings on canvas and NYC subway maps adorned with his and his fathers beloved characters to be seen for the first time at the show. Also a very special night it will be as the premiere of “THE BOOK OF ME BY CHEECH WIZARD” will be released to the public for the first time express mailed straight from the printer—a 150 page full color hard cover book featuring the complete Cheech Wizard stories by Vaughn, photographs and new comics and stories by Mark. This is the first Vaughn Bode hardcover book to come out since the Erotica #1 in the early 1980s!!  There will be only 50 copies signed and numbered by Mark for the first collectors through the doors.

5 October 2015

Graffiti- Why Do We It? BBC World Service Radio Show

On Friday The Why Factor radio Show went out on the BBC World Service. The show focused on graffiti and asked the question 'why do we do it?', speaking to various people including Rana Jarbou, who revealed the role it played in the war in Syria. Mike Williams from the world service also joined us at The Battle Of Waterloo last month to get an insight into why we do what we do and to practice his hand at some graffiti! 

2 October 2015

Blurred Faces 01

New Video-Zine from Spray Daily released yesterday (running time: 21.46mins)

Spray Daily is a publisher committed to documenting the graffiti culture world wide. We do not condone, promote or encourage vandalism, the destruction of property or any kind of illegal activity whether it be public or private. All photos and/or videos published without a name and credited photographer were sent to us anonymously.

By reposting, Chrome & Black echo this disclaimer.

1 October 2015

More Proof that Spraypaint Can Be a Versatile Tool for All

Aged between 65 and 90 these women from Lisbon have made it to media fame simply by picking up a few cans of paint. Not saying that the media sometimes clutches at straws for their stories but here the Guardian tries their best to deliver the message that spraypaint is not just for angry young males that need prosecuting (the conventional media stereotype)

Click here to read the full article