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Chrome & Black

5 April 2018

Launching the very first school of graffiti.

This Easter we are opening the first ever Graffiti School to enable others to share and learn the positive and creative aspects of the culture in it’s purest form. During this 3 hour experience pupils will learn step by step basics from the simple tag all the way through to a ‘master-piece’.  

 Darren Farrell, co-owner of Chrome and Black London said, 
“We are happy and excited to give people the opportunity to learn and understand the art of graffiti through our experience and understanding.”  

These courses will be held at the Unit 5 Gallery in Hackney. ‘’Alternative London is the UK’s leading creative tour and workshop collective, delivering street art tours and workshops to 25,000 people a year. After a long and successful relationship with Chrome & Black we’re really excited to be collaborating with them on their new Graffiti School, which will be based at Unit 5 Gallery- our multi-purpose creative warehouse in the heart of East London. On this one day course you’ll learn about the history, culture, and techniques of this often clandestine and little understood movement from the foremost experts in this field.’’- Gary Means, founder of Alternative London.
The next available session will be held at on Sunday 22nd April. To book a space please click here, and for further enquirys please contact us on or call 02070334029.

26 February 2018

London History X 80's Edition

London History X is the idea of an unofficial history of London, a lot of which involves crimes and so is not documented or revered in the same way as 'official' history.

The first T in the collection features a glimpse into some of the iconic pieces that ran through the London Underground in the late 1980’s.

As a nod to the unofficial history from over the pond (NYC), this shoot was inspired by a photograph in Subway Art of Lady Pink, a true icon nicknamed the “first lady of graffiti” as one of the first women active during the 80’s subway graffiti culture. As Lady Pink says, "It’s not just a boys club. We have a sisterhood thing going.”

In 1984 the groundbreaking book Subway Art brought graffiti to the real world with photographic documentation by Martha Cooper of the movement in New York. Thirty years later, graffiti still runs throughout cities all over the world.

Chrome and Black is a graffiti and areasol art store in Bethnal Green, it started on a shoe-string budget in 2008 by two prolific London graffiti artists who started out in the 80's/90's.

The shop was originally created to supply London with the many emerging brands of spray-paint and graffiti materials. Chrome and Black is now a recognised brand. The Apparel draws its inspiration from the depths of the London train and bus graffiti movement and the colours that made it so vibrant. 

The London History X 80's edition is available to buy here.

Shot By: CJ Gordon-Jemmott
Creative Direction: Frankie Noller
Model: Sofire