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9 October 2017


Today with THE LONDON VAGABOND, a London based photographer and good friend of ours. Himself and his little sidekick are wearing the Chrome & Black Embroidered Hoody in Grey (Left) and a Chrome & Black Roundel Crew Neck in Grey (Right). "His interest in photography stems from being a prolific graffiti vandal, during this time he began to keep a visual diary of his travels and the characters he encountered along the way. More recently his public work has been focused on nudity and fetishisms although he continues to shoot the overlooked, the avoided, the lurkers and the people that society purposefully likes to ignore." 
We welcome in people of all ages and are glad to see the younger generation take a shine to our culture and clothing. You can see the rest of our Autumn / Winter 2017 collection here.

6 October 2017


Yesterday with PHU$$Y wearing our Chrome & Black Embroidered Hoody in Navy. PHU$$Y is a model / film photographer in London who flew by our shop yesterday whilst she was working in Bethnal Green. She picked up a few markers and the latest hoody released in our Autumn 2017 collection. This is a part of an ongoing project documenting the old and new members of the Chrome & Black family who support us. If you like the clobber then check out the rest of our Autumn 2017 collection here.