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Chrome & Black

26 September 2017

Chrome & Black Apparel launches it's own website!

Chrome and Black started on a shoe-string budget in 2008 by two prolific London graffiti artists.
Originally created to supply London with the many emerging brands of spray-paint and graffiti materials. Chrome and Black is now a recognised  brand but not only with graff, we are currently stepping in to the world of street fashion. The Apparel draws its inspiration from the depths of the London train graffiti movement and the colours that made it so vibrant. 

We have recently launched a Chrome and Black Apparel website showcasing all of our garments that are out this season and available to buy in store and online. You can also access the "Writers Block" or "Smokers Paradise" for the more specific accessories... 

At the minute we have a re-release of the classic 'Crack Head' T-shirt first designed by Zomby in 1996 / 97 as a part of his "Tunnel Vision" clothing brand. The design has been re-worked and mastered over the years and this Autumn we have brought it back after 20 years onto our T-shirts in a range of statement colour-ways. Zomby's 'Crack Head' is one of the most recognised characters across the world, it was up in London from the late 80's through to now which is what makes it a nostalgic collectors piece. 

Original 'Crack Head' Tee in the late 90s' (above). 

 We have a range of other royalties available on the website but we'll leave them up to you to find out.