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26 June 2014

Flik of the day

Part of 4 window down whole cars on the H&C line 2005 -

Unstopable DDS...This city belongs to us!

Tune of the day

25 June 2014

Flik of the day

The Northern line....around 2002 -2004...Odea and Steas were probably the most prolific on the insides of the Northern during this period. Due to the sudden availability of Corio ink from France and Inferno leather dye from Italy the London Underground had real trouble buffing the bombing and when they did the insides were left scarred with heavy stains from the ink concoctions that were being created using these two inks and an assortment of other ingredients including brake fluid....
Bomb Ya Life Away!

23 June 2014

Street Art: Art or Vandalism? A free event surrounding this topic at Vibe Bar, Brick Lane!

Tomorrow evening we will be hosting a stall and supporting the live debate based around Graffiti/Street Art at The Vibe Bar in Brick Lane from 7.30pm with a really interesting talk from the producer of LDNGraffiti, Joe Epstein. Come and join us for drinks and a discussion into whether Graffiti is vandalism or art.

Event details can be found here and is free of charge!

Flick of the day

From the old shop in 2010....

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20 June 2014

Brazil...poverty and football

With so much money being wasted on the world cup, it beggars belief that there is still so much poverty in beautiful Brazil...if there isn't some kind of revolution there soon it will be surprising! a shame.

Read article here