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9 October 2017


Today with THE LONDON VAGABOND, a London based photographer and good friend of ours. Himself and his little sidekick are wearing the Chrome & Black Embroidered Hoody in Grey (Left) and a Chrome & Black Roundel Crew Neck in Grey (Right). "His interest in photography stems from being a prolific graffiti vandal, during this time he began to keep a visual diary of his travels and the characters he encountered along the way. More recently his public work has been focused on nudity and fetishisms although he continues to shoot the overlooked, the avoided, the lurkers and the people that society purposefully likes to ignore." 
We welcome in people of all ages and are glad to see the younger generation take a shine to our culture and clothing. You can see the rest of our Autumn / Winter 2017 collection here.

6 October 2017


Yesterday with PHU$$Y wearing our Chrome & Black Embroidered Hoody in Navy. PHU$$Y is a model / film photographer in London who flew by our shop yesterday whilst she was working in Bethnal Green. She picked up a few markers and the latest hoody released in our Autumn 2017 collection. This is a part of an ongoing project documenting the old and new members of the Chrome & Black family who support us. If you like the clobber then check out the rest of our Autumn 2017 collection here.

26 September 2017

Chrome & Black Apparel launches it's own website!

Chrome and Black started on a shoe-string budget in 2008 by two prolific London graffiti artists.
Originally created to supply London with the many emerging brands of spray-paint and graffiti materials. Chrome and Black is now a recognised  brand but not only with graff, we are currently stepping in to the world of street fashion. The Apparel draws its inspiration from the depths of the London train graffiti movement and the colours that made it so vibrant. 

We have recently launched a Chrome and Black Apparel website showcasing all of our garments that are out this season and available to buy in store and online. You can also access the "Writers Block" or "Smokers Paradise" for the more specific accessories... 

At the minute we have a re-release of the classic 'Crack Head' T-shirt first designed by Zomby in 1996 / 97 as a part of his "Tunnel Vision" clothing brand. The design has been re-worked and mastered over the years and this Autumn we have brought it back after 20 years onto our T-shirts in a range of statement colour-ways. Zomby's 'Crack Head' is one of the most recognised characters across the world, it was up in London from the late 80's through to now which is what makes it a nostalgic collectors piece. 

Original 'Crack Head' Tee in the late 90s' (above). 

 We have a range of other royalties available on the website but we'll leave them up to you to find out. 

8 May 2017

Have a flick through our latest photoshoot...

Today we are showcasing the Chrome & Black Canbag modeled by a young female writer and artist from West London. We're now down to the last few first wave Canbags from this shoot and are about to drop our second wave in the upcoming months... just you wait!

This handy-bag has been our biggest Chrome & Black seller so far in 2017, catering for train writers, artists and skaters in the UK. They are now also available to buy in Slick Willies, the oldest skate shop in London who have shown us support since day one. Stay tuned on our Instagram for more shoot pic releases, upcoming clothing drops and the second wave of the C&B Canbag coming real soon!

This shoot was directed, styled and shot by Frankie Noller in Bethnal Green, our local area.

29 March 2017

Chrome & Black Spring Look featuring The Canbag...

Yesterday we was with the lovely model Sydney, originally from Ibiza and currently living in Peckham. The focus of the shoot was on the Chrome & Black Canbag which is available to cop here or in our shop down at the Bethnal Green railway arches. 

This spring, our Canbags are also available to buy at Slick Willies Skate Shop in Kensington. Slick Willie's have been supplying skate gear since skating was kicking off in the 1970's, making them London's oldest skate store. Their humble beginnings saw them open their shop in the heart of the city, right by Hyde Park, where you can still find them today.

17 March 2017

CHROME & BLACK TV - March 2017

Tune in to the second episode of Chrome and black TV here, watch us enjoy the beginning of springs sun and see what else goes on behind the racks.

15 March 2017


Watch this interview with one of our guys over in Paris! 
(Also available to watch with English subtitles)

1 March 2017

An insight into Chrome & Black Apparel's latest photoshoot...

Yesterday we was out shooting with model Auden Woodall in the back streets of Bethnal Green. A young writer from South with a passion to make a difference in the world of tagging. This shoot felt nostalgic like a little time warp back to "Style Wars", a film produced in 1983 which was and still is very influential to us.

This shoot features our heavy duty Four Nozzle Hoody in Black, designed and produced in England, along with the renowned Canbag and reversible bucket hat blue side up. Whilst shooting we chatted a lot about graff and visions for Chrome and Black Apparel. Our brand has a strong history behind it with roots running deep into London's Underground and we feel that we are currently on a stepping stone closer to our fashion breakthrough. From painting London to designing and producing our own garms? Who would have thought it.

We ensure that all of our clothing is of top quality that will last you, whatever the mission. The Canbag is specifically designed to hold 3 standard spray cans and allows you to carry your small essentials in style. In a simple colour-way this bag features a top-zip main compartment with multiple pockets and a back pouch... complete with our soft touch NYC Fat Cap rubber zip pullers.

All of the items worn in this shoot are available in store and online here. Be sure to watch our Instagram page @chromeandblack for further pic releases! Peace out. 

10 February 2017

Product Review: Home Brew

London's Official Staining Ink

This week we have been reviewing our very own ink, Home Brew, made by hand here in the very heart of London. This ink has no specific formula but will stain most surfaces and materials it comes into contact with. We always vary the colour to ensure that no batch will ever be the same as the other.

This Home Brew London Ink is available in all shapes and sizes, the 15mm nib with a long or short barrel, a mop, a drippy squeezer and a 250ml bottle of just ink... it's just down to you to choose. Our most popular seller is the short barrel 15mm pump action marker, probably due to it's small size fitting in any pocket or bag for those quick time tags. 

 Always shake the pen first for best results and use a separate surface the pump the nib to get the ink running down. The ink has a consistency that flows smoothly onto any surface may it be laying flat or horizontal on a wall. You can re-fill these pens if you're running low or completely dry, giving you a never ending satisfactory result. Overall, the majority of people that use this product give it a 9/10 on colour, practicality, style and flow.

You can cop these pens in store or online here!



The original. As the first spray can worldwide without mixing-balls no other action spray can ever gained a similar status as the MOLOTOW™ BURNER. The unmatched chrome-quality with long-lasting colour brilliance with ultra-high gloss and the ingenious all season setting for complete weather and temperature independence do their part to spread the legendary reputation of the Burner series. 

These MOLOTOW™ X CHROME AND BLACK LTD London Edition cans are our most popular seller, famously burning through any other can we sell! This weekend they will be shifting for £4 a can in store only, offer only applies this Saturday and Sunday so don't miss your chance for a shining bargain.

3 February 2017

CHROME & BLACK TV - Feb 2017

CHROME AND BLACK TV presents our daily life in the railway arches of Bethnal Green. Watch this episode of what's been happening in the first month of 2017 and stay tuned for much more to come... enjoy! 

26 January 2017

Chrome & Black goes to Berlin, January 2017

Last weekend, Chrome and Black took a trip to Kreuzburg in Berlin, a city of freedom and art. Some of our team members had already visited the city in the past but this was my first time (Frankie).
I came across this building as I noticed the graffiti at the top with some mad unusual, American style symbols and patterns. I later found out that this is a popular way of getting reaches where people get to the top of the building and abseil down on a plank of wood. Similar to what you see in this HELLO FROM BERLIN - Berlin Kids video.

Whilst we explored the city I was sure to put our C&B slaps up, marking our territory around Europe as per! It's a shame we couldn't visit OverKill during our visit to grab some paint and check out the trainer section, but that's definitely on the cards for next time. 

The trip overall was a success and has enlightened me towards life and the underground world of Germany. Although I wish I could have stayed longer and explored more areas, Kreuzburg was definitely the one for me... It had a similar feel to London, Shoreditch. I felt that the subcultures where able to rebel towards authority and I noticed that they certainly had a different style and way of going about graff there for sure.

16 January 2017

More Hate Then Fear

The life of a graffiti artist just out of prison

More Hate Than Fear is the documentary unpacking the plight of London's graffiti artists, channelling their anger at a system that disadvantages their art. 

12 January 2017

Montana Black - Spider Effect Paint!

Today we re-stocked on the Montana Black spray cans with a few extra specialties thrown in there for you. Now integrated in the famous Montana Black series... you can create your own spider-web like effects with the Montana Spider’s high pressure out put. Excellent for calligraphic techniques, use the standard cap for broad spider web like marks or swap it for a skinny cap and create rough pencil thin lines for rendering or dribbling effects.

We have this unique can available in store and online, fully stocked in the colour black.


5 January 2017

Introducing.... The Chrome & Black Canbag!

Carry your small essentials in style with this Limited Edition Chrome and Black Canbag.

This month we are proud to release this exclusive, Limited Edition Chrome & Black Canbag as a part of our Winter 16/17 collection. This compact, unisex mini bag has been specifically designed with space for  two spray cans along with any other of your daily essentials. The long strap means you can wear it across your shoulder for hands-free travel wherever the day takes you... if it be a midnight mission or a quick bombing session.

In a simple colour-way this bag features a top-zip main compartment for securing small items, while the multiple pockets and back pouch provides ample room to organise. Complete with Chrome and Black woven badge on front pocket and our soft-touch NYC Fat Cap rubber zip pullers.

There was a limited run of 100 pieces, each being sold at £25 a pop... so grab one whilst stock lasts as they're flying out the door!