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15 July 2016

Gaurdian publishes an article on Graffiti in London

4 July 2016

#EMOJIVANDALS - The new project from Montana Cans

Montana Cans' latest project definitely brought a smile to our faces! They created an emoji set to give modern vandals the vocabulary they need and called it EMOJI VANDALS. This exclusive set of characters allows proper communication for anyone in the 2016 graffiti scene. The very convenient EmojiVandals are the appropriate symbols for those every-day vandal requirements, now available and fully digital.

Forgot the bolt cutters? No problem.
On the way to yard and in the mood for some company?
They’ve got you covered. Need your mates to grab some cans? No worries!

The EmojiVandals are available fully animated, beautifully looped GIFs! The set covers everything a vandal needs to communicate in style and without words. Don’t waste any more time and download your EmojiVandals today!

They have also produced a limited run of EmojiVandals Cans that will be temporarily available as well as randomly dropped into boxes of Montana. Go to to find all the GIFs to spread and share with your friends.