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30 November 2011

The next generation... !

Next generation repping Chrome and Black!
If you've got something to say about us, send us your videos to, and maybe we will like it enough to put it up, and give you some free merch...

29 November 2011

Shr***mp 2012 Graffiti On Girls Calendar

2012 Shr***mp Calendar has just arrived! We have it online for the very decent price of £13.50, get it while stocks last cause these are from a limited edition of 1000... graff on girls, we cant see anything wrong with that...!

21 November 2011

17 November 2011

Affordable ZOMBY prints now online!

Thats right people, we finally have prints and canvases online! Get in there quick, ZOMBY prints are going at £25 and are limited to 50 prints a series... going, going, gone, so act quick! All handpulled silk screen, signed and numbered by the man himself! 



16 November 2011

GIFT VOUCHERS! Get your C&B monies!

Just in time for the holidays, we are releasing these special edition Chrome and Black Bode Character Gift Vouchers! For you and your special someones... available in £10, £20, and £50

Rebel8 Winter Drop now available!

Click on the pic above to check out our new Rebel8 gear! Instore and online!

8 November 2011

In store Xmas pre-holiday deal!

Burner Pack                    - £24.00
Montana Gold 12 pack  - £45.60
MTN 94                           - £40.80

** DEAL VALID FRI 11TH NOV - SAT 12 NOV 2011**

7 November 2011

Steel Canvas is back in stock!

Yes, yes, settle down, its back in stock, but very limited- get in touch or order on-line to get your hands on one!

New BOZO DDS Limited edition tee's now in!

We have some new BOZO DDS tee's and hoodies in-stock... these are limited edition, so get em while you can! You can get these in-store and online. The Red Gold and Green tees are a 3 layer screen print on heavyweight cotton in black or white, and the hoodies have some detailing on the back along the bottom, and are triple printed- a real heavy hitter!

4 November 2011

No Fun on Bricklane this weekend

If you are planning a night out on the famous Brick Lane, beware, the fun stoppers are about this weekend, and apparently they have even set up a temporary jail in a car park near 93 Feet East for a few days, in order to catch people havin a good time! Careful, there are plain clothes about with dogs, and they have even set up a strip search tent, and we've heard they can hold you over night.... spread the word!

Peruvians DA2C come to London

DA2C Londres 2011 from physe on Vimeo.

Big ups LIMA!