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28 April 2009

Altered Egos. Rio Cinema Dalston. 29/4/09

25 April 2009

Just to let everyone know...we WILL be open on bank holidays...because we know you all need to recharge your creative batteries and do some painting!

16 April 2009

The KRINK has landed ladies and gents! We have the steelball nib K-66 markers in black and chrome and we have the large mops in black...Juicy!

13 April 2009

To all the young Jedi passing through the shop...beware of the dark side.
Only a Sith lord could have penetrated the fortified Jedi stronghold.

12 April 2009

The hulk features in the mural painted opposite the shop by local kids.
Caged Fuel
The shop viewed as you enter the building
The shop from the inside
Rest in peace Kort....part of the mural wall.

Juciy fresh Zomby T-s and Steelborn limited edition T's
Jumpers and hoodies available
The shop opening times are 10am - 6pm....we still havent decided if we will close on sunday's or not...time will tell!

5 April 2009

This Life We Live. New RareKind Tshirt.

This is one of the new limited screen printed T's by RareKind. "This Life" worn by Chester P. at Cargo 4th April. Taskforce. Click Here..

4 April 2009

Burners. Coversall. £3.45-£3.80

Montana Hardcore. £2.90

Molotow Premium. £3.50

Montana 94. £3.10

Molotow 1 For All Refils. £13.50

Molotow 1 For All Paint Markers Range. £2.80 - £5.75

Molotow Short and Long Empty Transformer Pens. £3.40/£4.00

Molotow. Short Paint Marker. 15mm. £4.00 each.

Molotow. Short Paint Burner Marker. 25mm. £4.20

Molotow. Long Paint Burner Marker. 25mm. £5.50

Molotow. Paint Marker. 15mm. £5.30 each.

Fully Stocked!

1 April 2009

Paints In!

We open tomorrow! 2nd April!

RareKind London...

Its been hard... but great.. We open tomorrow Thursday 2nd! Heres a teaser of the artwork we have instock.. Feat. Insa, Das, Tizer, Jimi, Discotec, Inkfet, Hunto, Dibo and many many more talented artists..