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28 January 2011

City of Paranoia - preview

City of Paranoia!!!! A film about painting trains in London...only! 3/2/2011

50 mins of London Underground action and a few overground's.....Available exclusivly
from Chrome & Black from 3/2/2011....£15

21 January 2011

londonbound: CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS ONE!!!

londonbound: CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS ONE!!!: "This looks like its gonna be a banger....featuring Atome, Demote, and Casino from Australia; Kas and Resm from Belgium; Swet, Bates, and Ren..."

20 January 2011

Eraser Heads - A night of drawing and cartoon mayhem!

See if you have the improvisation skills it takes to be a true artist....does it flow through your veins or do you have to sit there for 3 hours before you get an idea of what to draw!!!!  Prizes for winners!!!

17 January 2011

Japanese wildstyles pt 2

Another update from Japan, stay tuned for more deep east wildstyles, graffiti worldwide baby!

14 January 2011

'The Krah' - New zine in stock

This is the new zine from The Krah. Packed full of drawings, trains and artwork. As it is limited edition it will definatley be a collectors item.

13 January 2011

18 january 7pm till 2pm at the notting hill arts club will be the premier of WHOLETRAIN the movie
FREE before 8pm
£5 after 8pm
£7 after 11pm



12 January 2011

Graff DVD'S New in stock!!

Madrid 24/7 - Hardcore subway action from Madrid )only subways) 50mins + 10mins interrail missions...£15
Burners Team - Hardcore subway missions from all round Europe (50mins approx)...£10

7 January 2011