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29 April 2013


There is a Bank Holiday on Monday the 6th of May... we will be closed, you have been warned! Get your supplies early to avoid massive disappointment. Open normal hours all other days... go paint in the sun!

26 April 2013


IZ THE WIZ Tee's are now available in-store and online, here, £20 each! :

22 April 2013

New Tunes from Dephect

If you are looking for some new Tunes, this will be one worth checking out! From the boys at Dephect Clothing... check it here!

20 April 2013

N.O.R.E with a Large Proffessor beat bangin!!!

'Louboutin's with spikes is for wierdos...Im a hood nigga I dont wear those'...hahahaha

16 April 2013

Thatcher controversy rages on!

Lambeth council have taken it upon themselves to censor free speech by buffing this piece that was done about Maggie...the old rotten bitch...fucking joke that is....another thing is why does the tax payer have to pay for any of her funeral costs????

Now the Government is refusing to disclose how much the tax payer will be paying towards the the same time they are closing 3 Accident and Emergency departments accross London because of lack of funding WTF???....they need to get their priorities straight...or maybe we need to tell em!

8 April 2013

Poll Tax Riots!

Youtube comment: 'this kind of thuggish behavior can not be tolerated anywhere in the world and whos idea was it to give them horses.'

Thatcher finally popped her cloggs!!!

Rumor has it that there's gonna be a party in Trafalgar square on the first weekend after she snuffs it!