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21 October 2014

Prince Book launch

in store £ copies....this book is full to the brim with photos of full colour burner mural-esc walls and Pro's story from early childhood, through his early graff/bombing career, his intergalaktic funk trip and the current Distortium vortex. Support real roots culture!

2 October 2014

SEEN UA Book launch comming soon!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for the new Seen book....comming soon to Chrome & Black. Chapter 1 is the first installation from the legendary 'Godfather of Graffiti' and limited to 1000 copies will be a must have for all of the train Graffiti enthusiasts out there featuring trains which have never been seen before. This chapter (book) covers trains Seen painted from 1975 onwards...with books to come which will cover his later works.

SEEN UA - 1st book out soon @chrome and black