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27 October 2012

MF DOOM visits Chrome & Black

The big man himself came through our shoreditch shop a little while ago, and this is the video that shows what came of it... ! In partnership with Adidas

New Bling!

Go on, you know you want something shiney.. these little beauties are only available in-store, but you can check out our online stock here: ---->

23 October 2012

22 October 2012

KRINK vs MTN 750 can test

GOODMORNING LONDON!! So the new MTN vs KRINK 750 cans are in £6.00... and Mr.2RISE has made this can test edit, in case you were wondering what heights you can reach with em....

16 October 2012


Chrome & Black Blackbooks, now available in-store! £10 for A4 landscape/ portrait style, and £5 for the A5 landscape/portrait style and square chunkies!

10 October 2012


.... in the house!!! Come and get em, at £2.80 each they are a steal... and if you get 12, the price drops to £2.70! Also, dont forget the Ironlak Animal Ink, its hot pink/red ink with propellant, seems to us like it was built for chaos ;)

More guests in the waiting room...

So, Mr. Obey wandered in the shop yesterday...

3 October 2012

Coming soon! New formula Ironlack!

And now for something new.... we will officially be stocking New formula IRONLAK paint from Tuesday, the 9th of October! Production is taking place in a new factory and we are assured the paint will be reliable and not stink any more....time will tell!

BELTONS... back in stock!