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27 June 2011

Battle of Waterloo 2011 - Not to be missed!

It's that time of the year again...if you did'nt make it to last years battle then don't miss out this year.

25 June 2011

definatley worth a listen

8 June 2011


to all those writers out there its been a year since nyc boming legend passed away so if you are planning to splash some paint over the weekend spare a thought for a pioneer in graffiti train writing.....

7 June 2011

not to be missed ....2 days of musical talent and graffiti art taking place at the westbourne studios 0n the 18/19 june ....see you there!!!!

4 June 2011

New Beltons, New colours!!!!! Fresh stock!!!

The new colours are here!!!! Belton/Molotow have created new colours and re-named a few of the old ones....They have re-taken the crown... king of spray-paint!

Come get some of the new colours before they sell-out!!!!