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25 August 2015

Chrome & Black present The Battle of Waterloo 2015

Where: Leake Street, London
When: Saturday 22nd August 2015
What: Graffiti Jam
Why: Why Not?
Who: Near on 40 artists and thousands of visitors
How: Hard Work

Thanks to all that travelled, participated, helped out, judged, dropped sounds, snapped, videoed, taught, learnt, passed through and rocked out to the sights, sounds and smells that made up the 2015 Battle of Waterloo last Saturday. Artists, visitors, dancers, parents, children and organisers. Good vibes, wicked sounds and sick styles made the event a mad success. The kids workshop devoured more paint than we could supply!! Crazy pieces got painted and the block party vibe got lifted high with people shackin’ out, making a proper party. Big up DJ Philly and DJ Thor for their sets. Mad props. Had it poppin’ off!!

Total scores from the four judges were tight but clear. Congratulations to SLAM – smashed it with a wicked concept, bad character, tight fill, sick letterstyle and mad background. Diet and Debug, respectively second and third, by a very few points – a close run thing. Care, Core, Jay Kaes & Robes also came very near. Props to everyone that painted and put up hard styles. The standard was incredibly strong. BIG UP! You all helped make it the event that it was. 

If you made it down we hope you had a good time and enjoyed yourselves. If you missed it (or even if you didn’t) then there is some footage and photos now surfacing on the internet. A couple of videos that we’ve already been sent are linked below:

Thanks also to Itch FM, Molotow & Flame, Sprayground, Mamas Jerk, Yelp and Crooks & Castles, for your assistance with this project. The support is much appreciated.

Chrome & Black