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30 September 2011

Montana Blacks now fully stocked!!

28 September 2011

26 September 2011

24 September 2011

You work, you eat, plastic fawk is luxury...

Illegal swet shop worker found in the back of the shop....he's been deported now....back to Rigsbekistan

21 September 2011


Sorry about the delay boys and girls... but they are back! Montana Hardcore Back in stock!

17 September 2011

Chrome & Black canvas bags now in!

Carry your paint in style!! The first Chrome & Black canvas bags now in stock. Always the heavyiest duty cotton and tough screen print...triple hit! 14 cans and it dont even break a sweat....£5...50 supply!

16 September 2011


Over 250 photographs from the London Underground, from 1987 - 1995,  a MUST HAVE. thats all we have to say. Available in store from today.

TAPS + MOSES International Topsprayer Book now in stock!

This is a heavy book, from between 2008-2010, TAPS and MOSES painted 1000 trains in 1000 days, an almost impossible feat. With 288 pages of photos, wholecars and new photos, this book is well worth a look... come find it in our shop!

6 September 2011

Dug up from Paris...

This new beauty is from the Paris subway from 1984 to 2010, its hardback with 400 pages and more than 1200 pictures, massive! Including interviews, newspaper articles, and words from the writers...
in stock in the shop and by phone on 02070334029

Transformers Timelapse with JXC and Mr SHIZ

Its always good seeing people be productive with our paint!

5 September 2011

WORD PEICEBOOK NOW AVAILABLE IN  CHROME AND BLACK!!!! global graffiti drawings from imfamous writers from around the world (a must see ) 

3 September 2011


New jewellery dropping next week- check out the gasmask ring in the middle! 
Available instore or give us a call on 02070334029