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Chrome & Black

8 July 2011

From the platform - subway graffiti 1983 - 1989

Probably the best book we've seen in Chrome and Black since London Handstyles. The book is hardback and slightly smaller than A4 in size. From the first page to the last it is packed full of Cav's photo collection from the era which was the pinacle of subway graffiti (stylewise). Some of the pieces featured in this book are so ahead of their time and technical that people even now cant do wildstyles like that....serious, serious style!
There are photos of alot of different pieces which make the book much more interesting than if it was focused on a single writer. There are small bits of text from different writers like Blade, Ven and Zephyr amongst others which make the book even better but its strongest point is the sheer volume of heavy photos which you have not seen online. A definate must for any writers collection...sleep on this and you will miss out.