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10 February 2017

Product Review: Home Brew

London's Official Staining Ink

This week we have been reviewing our very own ink, Home Brew, made by hand here in the very heart of London. This ink has no specific formula but will stain most surfaces and materials it comes into contact with. We always vary the colour to ensure that no batch will ever be the same as the other.

This Home Brew London Ink is available in all shapes and sizes, the 15mm nib with a long or short barrel, a mop, a drippy squeezer and a 250ml bottle of just ink... it's just down to you to choose. Our most popular seller is the short barrel 15mm pump action marker, probably due to it's small size fitting in any pocket or bag for those quick time tags. 

 Always shake the pen first for best results and use a separate surface the pump the nib to get the ink running down. The ink has a consistency that flows smoothly onto any surface may it be laying flat or horizontal on a wall. You can re-fill these pens if you're running low or completely dry, giving you a never ending satisfactory result. Overall, the majority of people that use this product give it a 9/10 on colour, practicality, style and flow.

You can cop these pens in store or online here!