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29 October 2015

Brixton Mural of those killed in Police Custody

An unknown graffiti writer has just finished a mural on Atlantic road, Brixton, depicting local people who have tragically died at the 'hands' of the police...
The mural was apparently painted both in remembrance of these brothers and sister, and as a reminder of ongoing campaigns for justice, relating to deaths in all forms of institutional custody.
Who is in the mural?

Cherry Groce (1948 – 2011) shot and paralysed by the police in Brixton 1985, who consequently died as a result of her injuries. Cherry is portrayed side by side with Ricky Bishop (1976 - 2001) and Sean Rigg (1968 – 2008), two young men who died on separate occasions whilst in police custody in Brixton Police Station.

In relation to ongoing struggles for justice, the United Families & Friends Campaign’s annual vigil is at Downing Street this Saturday 31st October, supporters are welcome. Please show your support!
Meeting in Trafalgar square at 11.30am.