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19 October 2015

Kurupt FM- Champagne Steam Rooms @ Fabric London's 16th Birthday

Friday night saw Fabric turn 16 years old and also saw Kurupt FM tear down Room 1 with an explosive set that also brought legendary Craig David back, performing a remix of his hit single 'Fill me in' 16 years after he shot the video at Fabric. Nice touch eh? Another Craig also made an appearance... if you have been watching the amazing TV series you will know who we mean...

The place was the most packed we have ever seen it and the crowd were hyped from start to finish. You could tell people were anxiously waiting for the crews most notable number 'Get Out The Way' and they sang along word for word. It was definitely a night to remember and will go down in history! Until the next Champagne Steam Rooms.... Check out the full photo set here