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20 November 2015

Fresh Dressed Review- Screening At House Of Vans London

Fresh Dressed by Sacha Jenkins charts the role of fashion and looking fresh in the Hip Hop game – from the eighties through to the present day. Featuring interviews and excerpts from a good range of American Hip Hop artists and other interviewees the documentary is itself fresh, edutaining and fun. 

The documentary goes from the eighties, through RUN DMC and others, into the nineties, from the West Coast’s Cross-Colours (the original streetwear label) to Karl Kani, NYC’s Low Lifes and many others. It pushes on hard through Sean John early forays into haute couture and ends up in the contemporary Yeezy era. Whilst there is a swerve to the European fashion houses of France and Italy (this is a solidly American production) there is no mention of Britain and the international aspect of fashion or potential futures is not captured effectively as it could have been as the second half of the documentary progresses.

Nonetheless, this documentary comes thoroughly recommended and if you’re into streetwear, fashion, American culture and it’s influence on the world, Hip Hop as a movement that isn’t perceived as a fad or even just looking fly, then look out for this screen gem shiznit ‘cause it’s mad nice.