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12 November 2015

King Of Spray Caps

A few weeks ago we had a visitor from Germany with a slightly different request that our usual customers. He wanted to know if we had any particularly interesting or different type of nozzle. I pulled out all the usual odd ones, but none of these seemed to be of any use to him. "What do you need them for?" I asked. "I collect them!" he replied.

The 'King Of Spray Caps' began in the mid 90's in a small town in the east part of Germany. A friend of his brought a hip hop magazine to school. It was a Dresden based magazine called Boomy. It was the first time he saw graffiti and was instantly hooked.

"We started drawing our first sketches and went to a local drug store to spend pocket money for Sprayfix spray cans. The cans had only standard spray caps so we manipulated them to fat caps or glued needles to it to get skinny caps. There was no opportunity to buy different caps. So every time I found caps at "halls of fame" or from other aerosol cans, I cleaned, reused and kept them in a small wooden box. A few years ago I rediscovered the box and I was excited about the old spray caps. So I decided start a collection."

It turns out the 'King Of Spray Caps' had over 1000 different caps that he had collected from travelling across Europe and Canada. After pulling out over 25 different types of caps I managed to find for him three or four caps he didn't have, which he said was amazing as he only usually gets one at the most from any graff shop he's been in.

His journey continues, find out more on his Facebook page here
All photographs copyright to King Of Spray Caps